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Dive into the story of fearless warriors who travel through various worlds striving to save their dying home. Overcome your weaknesses, rise to the challenge, and uncover the deeply buried secrets of the Ancients. Join the Guild, become a Gatewalker and take part in exciting quests in solo or co-op mode. Around a fifty-hour-long journey offers hundreds of enemies, challenging bosses, hostile environments, and thousands of possibilities to create your own build. Gatewalkers blends hack-and-slash mechanics with action RPG and survival elements, creating a one-of-a-kind combination.


The world is dying. For some unknown reason, plants and animals began to die, and so did people. In a world plunged into chaos, a mysterious relic has been found - the Gate through which you can travel to other worlds. People saw salvation in places full of resources, but extreme conditions quickly took the lives of thousands. That is why the Guild was built - an elite unit that trains skilled warriors to travel through the Gate. You become one of them to explore distant corners of the universe, trying to help others to survive. But quickly your first mission takes an unexpected turn and leaves you with questions. Is your fate sealed? What secrets are hiding between the Guild’s walls? Maybe the reason why your world is dying is closer than you think and the answers lie in the heavily guarded Ancient facilities… During your journey through the Gates, you will face hundreds of various threats - deadly monsters, mutated animals, ancient creatures, terrifying anomalies, severe weather conditions… Enemies that you will face require you to adjust your strategy and equipment. In Gatewalkers, with the change of your equipment comes a change of your fight style - all the skills are attributed to particular elements of your armor and weapons. Around fifty-hour-long adventure offers you smooth gameplay mechanics, casting solo and group combos, an advanced progression system, and many more. The survival part of the game will expose RPG lovers to new challenges, which are rare in this genre. Looking for resources, and maintaining good mental and physical health are only some of the offered mechanics in this procedurally generated isometric game.


  • TEAM CO-OP - Face the challenges alone or team up with up to 4 players. You can complete the main questline solo, although sometimes a little help can be beneficial. Every weapon in Gatewalkers can be enhanced with elemental powers and if you play with friends, you can cast strong elemental group combos to deal with aggressive bosses. Together you are unstoppable.
  • SKILL-BASED COMBAT - Gatewalkers introduces isometric skill-based combat with a non-target system. Right positioning during fights, balanced use of skills, timing, and team synergy are crucial to victory. Every weapon has a few different spells, and casting them in the right order will induce powerful solo combos!
  • BOSS FIGHTS - Different worlds, different bosses! In the game, you will encounter many types of opponents. Each boss type introduces a unique combat skill set - requiring you to adjust your combat tactics, invent new ways to attack, use the right skills, and sometimes even change your equipment or build!
  • WORLD EXPLORATION - Are you ready to face icy-cold blizzards, toxic fumes, fire tornadoes, electrical discharges, and nightmares hidden in the darkest of nights? Explore procedurally generated worlds with unique terrain, plants, and creatures. Get ready for your mission, and figure out your tactics, because each world type introduces different survival mechanics. Discover unknown resources, and get ready to gather challenge chests and loot boxes! During your expeditions, you will also face the heavily-guarded Ancient facilities and encounter bizarre humanoid races like Surians and Valorians. They are surely hiding something in their camps…
  • CRAFTING - Discover diverse recipes, look for resources, and craft items! During your missions, you will gather loot and crafting materials that will help you to progress your character. Enhance your weapons with elemental power, unlock passive skills, prepare your tools and be ready for every possibility. In Gatewalkers there are no predefined classes - each item gives you a unique set of skills, so combine them to suit you best.
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR - There are no predefined character classes. Each item gives you a unique set of skills, so combine them to suit you best. Take heavy armor, and healing staff to support your mates in the front line with your toughness and healing powers. Remember, you are, what you wear!
  • PROCEDURAL WORLDS GENERATION - You had to teleport back to the Guild and want to try the quest again? Don’t think you will face the same world twice… Each time you leap through the Gate you will face a different map. This gives you a myriad of opportunities, constant challenges, and no victory schemes!


Gatewalkers - Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Gatewalkers - Story Trailer YouTube

Gatewalkers - Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Pax Online - Indie Shawcase - Selected" 2021
  • "Media Indie Exchange - Official Selection" 2021
  • "DavGAMM Spring - Finalist" 2021
  • "Dev Booster - Games Week Digital - Finalist" 2020
  • "Digital Dragons Awards - Finalist" 2020
  • "Poznan Game Arena - Best Indie Game - Finalist" 2019

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A2 Softworks allows for the contents of Gatewalkers to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Gatewalkers is legally & explicitly allowed by A2 Softworks. This permission can be found in writing at http://gatewalkers.com/press/sheet.php?p=gatewalkers.






About A2 Softworks

A2 Softworks (A2S) is a game dev studio based in Poznań, Poland. We are a team of young game enthusiasts and as players ourselves we want to create games that we cannot find on the market. For us creating games is not only a job but first of all a fun and joyful way to express ourselves.

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Andrzej Stroiński

Aleksander Stroiński

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